Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Delimited file viewer (A utility to read delimited files)

I have been using this little utility quite for some time. And I thought It was about time I shared it with the rest of my community.

It's called DelimitedFileViewer (Was unable to come up with a funkier name;) ). I had created the first working version of this way back in November 2007. After a lot of cosmetic improvements, it works well and looks good. There are a lots of features like Finding stuff and Sorting stuff on one of the fields. It also has a nice drag and drop feature which lets you drag and drop files onto the application. Click on the following link to download this utility
The following are a few screenshots:

Without any file:

With a test file:
After sorting the test file on the emp field

Monday, April 28, 2008

My first Blog entry

Hi all,

This is my first blog entry!

I don't really feel excited about this whole stuff. But, anyway, I will try to make use of this for communication. I always wanted a place where I can put my stuff for others to see. This would be a good one :D