Friday, October 31, 2008

"Hotmail" the fastest of them all

I have been using Hotmail, GMail and YahooMail for a very long time now. And boy was I surprised by the speed of the newest version of Hotmail. I have these three pages setup as part of my firefox home page. And for a very long time the the order in which everything would load up was:

1) YahooMail: Yahoo has constantly been fast in serving up the pages.

2) GMail: The second fastest to open was GMail. But GMail more than made up for the startup time by making all the other operations fast. And then you have the gtalk embedded into GMail which too is very fast.

3) Hotmail: The last to open in was always Hotmail. It displayed a page where it would ask if you wanted to open it's classic version.

But now just a couple of days ago, I logged into Hotmail and was completely shocked (pleasantly) by it's speed. And it has also got some stunning themes. This is the best version of Hotmail I have ever used. The speed simply knocks your socks off. Looks like Microsoft has finally got its act together. If you haven't tried the new Hotmail, I suggest you to take a look at it, You will be pleasantly surprised by this new thingy.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Revamped Delimited File Viewer

My life has been going through a lot of turbulence lately. I have left the company for which I used to work (Tata Consultancy Services). Now I am working on starting a new company. But, I am unable to get a hold of things, So, I have planned to finish all the things pending with me :D

First I am planning to revamp The Delimited File Viewer completely. I have got a lot of requests from you guys about the changes to be made to this utility. I will be finishing this in a couple of days (Hopefully :)). Let me know if you guys have any inputs.